30 May 2024

Fitogether has announced a strategic partnership with Qatar’s renowned Aspire Academy, which provides sports training and high school education to local student-athletes with sporting potential. Aspire Academy, which is dedicated to producing champions in sports and life, offers athletic scholarships in football, athletics, squash, table tennis, and fencing.

To identify those with the potential to become future champions, the Academy engages with thousands of children aged 6-12 through nationwide sports and talent development programs.

In June this year, the number of student-athletes who have graduated will rise to 644. Many of them go on to successfully represent Qatar at major events such as the Olympics, World Championships, and Asian Championships.

Fitogether — the FIFA Preferred Provider for Wearable Player Tracking, has been validated as the most accurate solution with centimeter-level data accuracy. Beyond tracking, Fitogether analyzes an athlete's every step using precise speed data for sophisticated performance assessment and injury prevention.

Fitogether is enhancing its capabilities with a wearable-optical hybrid system, aiming to seamlessly estimate football context, promising a more comprehensive analysis by interpreting positional data for ball location, possession, team formation, and player role estimation.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone for both organizations. Through this partnership, Fitogether will validate and test the new development of their product, OHCOACH, within the Aspire network, develop new products and services, and engage in educational collaboration to enhance athlete training and development.

To officially commence this partnership, Ivan Bravo, Director General of Aspire Academy, travelled to Seoul, Korea, on Monday, May 27. He was accompanied by Professor Valter Di Salvo, Director of Football Performance & Science at Aspire Academy and Mr. Nawaf Al.Mudahka, Head of Special Projects at Aspire Zone Foundation. His Excellency, the Ambassador of Qatar in South Korea, Khalid Ebrahim Abdulrahman Al-Hamar, also attended the signing ceremony for the partnership agreement between Aspire Academy and Fitogether.

Commenting on this collaboration, Aspire Academy Director General Ivan Bravo said: "Aspire Academy is excited to work with Fitogether. We are eager to witness their products in action with our footballers and to utilize the data to help develop the next generation of Qatar football stars."

"We are equally enthusiastic about the opportunity to test, assess, and improve software features with Fitogether as we strive to enhance their future products."

"We are thrilled to contribute to the development of areas such as athlete performance tracking, training programs, and video integrations of Fitogether’s sports performance products."

"As one of the world’s leading sports academies, we share a deep understanding of the crucial role that technology and data analysis play in the development and improvement of young footballers."

"By leveraging video and text training materials gathered by Aspire Academy, we are confident that Fitogether’s products will continue to pave the way for footballers worldwide."

The partnership between Fitogether and Aspire Academy promises to profoundly impact the sports community. By enhancing athlete performance through innovative technology and comprehensive training programs, this collaboration aims to set new benchmarks in sports science and athlete development.

Jinsung Yoon, CEO of Fitogether, also expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership during the ceremony and the future advancements in athlete performance and training that it will bring.

"Being recognized as the FIFA Preferred Provider in 2022, Fitogether's technology has been acknowledged for its accuracy and advancement," he said.

"Through our partnership with Aspire Academy, we are now being recognized for the practicality and usability of our technology in the global market."

"Fitogether will collaborate with Aspire Academy and its World Fellows’ clubs to develop the most innovative sports performance solutions and lead continuous innovation in the related fields."

Following the launch of this exciting collaboration, Aspire Academy commences the "Aspire in the World Fellows" Workshop Tour, beginning in Argentina on June 4th-5th, 2024.

This tour will feature Fitogether equipping players with FIFA’s top-rated accuracy devices, showcasing their unparalleled 2-3cm-level accuracy, 10-hertz, and 3D tracking capabilities.

Jinsung Yoon, Fitogether’s CEO, will be a keynote speaker at this conference, presenting the seamless integration of video, tracking, and physical data collected during training sessions.

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