Football Performance & Science

Football Poerformance

The acquisition of data has revolutionised the world of sports. More than ever before, coaches and players rely on detailed information to be able to turn the right screws to guarantee the best possible results. That’s where Aspire Academy’s Football Performance & Science Department comes into play, whose main task it is to enhance the physical performance of Aspire’s young footballers.

The department’s modern methodology integrates all the physical, physiological and psychological variables that influence football performance. The holistic approach supports the football players by implementing a modern concept of training methodology, which is delivered by performance experts that have access to cutting-edge technologies.

Indeed, support provided by the department has reached out to every professional football player in Qatar since 2010, when three of the countries’ big players in football, Aspire Academy, Qatar Football Association (QFA) and Qatar Stars League (QSL) joined forces and installed a number of tools to collect the required data.

Another example of this successful cooperation is the 2016 established “Qatar Football Analytics Dashboard”. It was designed to involve every QSL player, who can easily find out about his strengths and weaknesses in order to improve and push his personal limits.

In 2014, Aspire Academy’s Football Performance & Science Department launched the “Aspire in the World Fellows” community, that consists of the world’s best 50 clubs and federations in terms of youth football performance. Since then they have been working together in shared projects to push youth football training methodology to the next level.