Tri-Series Tournament

Aspire Academy is moving the world of football. Even in a very literal way. In total, 1,500 players, coaches and support staff get on a plane to Doha every year for the sake of competing against the Academy teams in the TRI-SERIES tournament.

The competition, launched in 2012, serves as Aspire Academy’s yardstick to compare, benchmark and compete against the best youth teams in the world. It has grown into a brand that is well-known locally and recognised internationally.

This positive development is the result of a great team effort across the board with the Academy players and staff fully identifying with the tournament. They have made it their championship. Aspire Academy’s student-athletes are eager to compete, be challenged by clubs from all over the world and win as many games and tournaments in their respective age group. It has become evident that Aspire players have mentally moved on from being able to merely compete to being able to win.

The TRI-SERIES offers visiting football talents not only the opportunity to compete against teams with different football philosophies, the experience also opens the door for a unique multicultural exchange. Moreover, it offers the chance to get to know the host country of the 2022 FIFA World Cup™ and the possibility to overcome prejudices by being exposed to peers from different countries, religions and backgrounds.

TRI-SERIES Yearbook 2016-2017
TRI-SERIES Yearbook 2016-2017
TRI-SERIES Yearbook 2015-2016
TRI-SERIES Yearbook 2015-2016
TRI-SERIES Yearbook 2014-2015
TRI-SERIES Yearbook 2014-2015


Aspire Academy’s players made the Tri-Series their championship and they are excited to play against teams from all over the world.


We select the teams according to the standard of the youth development program in the visiting nations, their profile and background.


The competition brings on average more than 30 clubs and 1.000 players to Doha to compete in more than 40 tournaments and 100 games per season.


Careful preparation goes into areas such as transport, visas, flights, accommodation, interpreting, hiring of referees, medical care, PR and much more.


Every tournament is covered by Aspire Academy’s media channels such as website, info screens, social media, TV magazine and by media from Qatar.

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