Considering enrolment in any of our programs, planning to join our healthy lifestyle courses, or curious about our wide-ranging role in the Qatari society? The following will provide you with information to help you get started.

Joining Aspire as a Student Athlete

The pathway into Aspire Academy is through sporting talent nomination within our programme of sports – Football, Athletics, Fencing, Squash and Table Tennis. The full-time Student-Athlete Programme functions within a high school environment. The Admissions page details these nomination processes.
We have talent centres in Football and Multi Sports where children are introduced to fundamental development skills (see below). Additionally, Football scouting is conducted in clubs and schools and Talent Identification for sporting potential of all grade six boys is conducted in all government schools.
Aspire Academy runs programmes for children in pre-Aspire ages, i.e. 5 – 11 years of age which parents can register for. These are Football Talent Centres (boys only) and Multi Skills Sport Development Centres (boys / girls).
There are no fees for joining the Academy; all elite-potential footballers and athletes nominated as student-athletes are offered full academic and sport scholarships.
Student-athletes in the full-time scholarship programme complete high school education at Aspire Academy commencing from Grade 7. Later intakes are also possible up to Grade 10 entry.
Aspire Academy operates two programmes – Football and Sports (Athletics, Fencing, Squash and Table Tennis).
There are approximately 270 full-time student-athletes at Aspire Academy. Each year, we enroll a new intake of approximately 50 new student-athletes starting at Grade 7.
The sports club system is different from Aspire Academy; therefore, you should contact the clubs individually for more information.
Our football scouts are active at club games and the most promising young talent they encounter are invited for a trial to join the Football Feeders Team at Aspire Academy.
No, Aspire Academy is a sports academy.
In some sports it may be possible to join Aspire Academy as a part-time athlete.
Aspire Academy operates only in Qatar solely for developing talented Qatari athletes and those born in Qatar of Arabic origin.
We do not accept videos as a registration method. Please check the ways to join Aspire academy in the Admissions section.

Working at Aspire Academy

Please visit the Careers page on our website or our LinkedIn page to see the current vacancies.
The only way to apply for a job at Aspire Academy is through our Careers page or the vacancies posted on our LinkedIn page.

Aspire Football Dreams (AFD) enquiries

Aspire Academy in Qatar is only for Qataris and athletes born in Qatar. If you’re from one of the countries that form part of the Aspire Football Dream Programme, the please follow this link for more details (explained in AFD page).
Aspire Football Dreams and Aspire Academy have different contact representatives, please be patient, and they will reply to your enquiry in due course.
You can get in touch with AFD through their website.
There are 18 countries accross three continents that are part of Aspire Football Dreams,
Africa: Senegal, Gambia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana, Guinea B., Mali, Guinea Conakry.
Asia: Vietnam, & Thailand.
America: Guatemala, Costa Rica, & Paraguay.
If you are from one of the countries that are part of Aspire Football Dreams, follow the steps on Aspire Football Dreams website to register for a trial.
No, Aspire Football Dreams takes in boys from 12-17 years of age.
If you were selected after the trials to join Aspire Football Dreams you are not required to pay anything, joining is for free under full sporting scholarships.

Public enquiries

Usually January is the month of these Winter Training Camps. The teams themselves decide if the trainings are open for public or not. Check media for updates closer to the dates.
Organisations may hire Aspire Dome venues. This can be done through the Aspire Logistics website.
No, all Aspire Dome facilities are subject to hire charges. Pitch bookings can also be requested through Aspire Logistics website.
You can book any of the venues at Aspire through this website.
Most of Aspire Academy events are for student athletes. Check Aspire Zone website for more events for the public.