Football Programme

Aspire Academy operates a football programme for age groups Under-13 through to Under-18. Before the eligible age a player can join the Academy as full- or part-time student-athletes at the age of 12, the Football Talent Centers, that are spread over Qatar, offer talented boys the chance to train from the age of 5 to 8, before joining the Feeder teams of the Academy from age 9 to 11.

The players are coached by in international staff that aims to expose the players to various schools of football and by facing top teams from around the world, they learn how to deal with different styles of play.

The football programme of Aspire Academy wants the players to understand the game, show the right attitude in training, know about tactics and what a position demands from them. They need to develop the skills to evaluate the game, read and interpret situations, and show tactical intelligence.

We challenge players constantly. We put them in a competitive environment and test how fast they adapt to different situations. We encourage players to be creative and to think outside the box. The way they look at situations and the decisions they make is what will differentiate our players from others.

We support their professional development by offering the opportunity to train at academies abroad. We guarantee them the highest level of competition by regularly playing against the world’s best youth teams in tournaments in and outside of Qatar.

The Academy’s focus is the long-term development of individual players. A process that should enable them to pursue a career in professional football and to represent Qatar at an international level.

This also applies to football referees. Led by the Referees Committee at the Qatar Football Association (QFA), a programme to enroll students at Aspire Academy specialising in refereeing as their core sport was started in 2015.