07 Jul 2020

Doha, 7 July 2020.  Aspire Academy Football Department has put together a succinct presentation on “Understanding the game: Key to developing our players” as part of their contribution to Aspire in the World Fellows, which is a leading community for youth football performance and science development. The well chronicled presentation that currently running on the official “Aspire In The World Fellows” website looks at the Aspire Academy, football philosophy and how the coaches go about enabling this process.

According to Aspire Academy, Technical Director of Football, Edorta Murua, "Foremostly, there are players, coaches and systems in football, but we should not lose sight of the fact that above everything football is about the game. At Aspire our aim is to help our players get an understanding of the game of football and their responsibility to take and make decisions that can best assist them to achieve their goals. The children want to learn, and our job is to provide them the context to learn. When we first did this, it was challenging because they had not done it before but gradually, they have been able to even watch a training session and analyse as well as point out what they should have done and where they missed it. This is internalizing things, and this is the process of understanding the game", said Edorta Murua

The presentation goes on to showcase how Aspire Academy coaches work on the same concepts across the generations, developing a language, culture and dynamic understanding with each other.  Different clubs which are members of Fellows Community make presentations on various footballing training methodologies as well scientific research and their work is carried out on the Aspire Fellows official website and is accessible to all members.   The knowledge is then used to study and implement practical solutions to improve football training, among young footballers, and contribute to advancing the development and study of football science.


 Aspire in the World Fellows

Launched by Aspire Academy in 2014, the “Aspire in the World Fellows” programme aims to embrace, gather and lead the best practitioners in football performance for one purpose: to create a platform to gather and synergize the know-how of worldwide expertise to offer recommendations for the management and modern training methodology of youth football players to enhance their psycho-physical performance. Using a dedicated online platform to share new insights, it enables the members to exchange content on their own training methodologies, application of technology, research and other relevant sources of information. The projects of this community lean on the cornerstone of the “Aspire Academy Global Summits” that regularly gather renowned experts from the world’s best 50 football clubs, leagues and federations.


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