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Director General's Message

April 2012

TO THE ATHLETE. It is you who will decide and determine what Aspire is. You as a player, as an athlete, as a student, as an individual. For you, I would only wish that you continue to love your sport, to embrace it through a joy to play it, to practice it. And I wish for you to turn that passion into an everyday commitment, a relentless tenacity to work, to grow and to become the best that you can be. If you believe, all of us will believe with you. If you push, we will be right beside you.

TO THE PARENT. As a parent of an Aspire athlete, you are championing a strenuous journey, making a sacrifice to support your child’s hopes. Those hopes also carry the possibilities of an entire country. Your decision to trust Aspire with your child’s formative years and the demands of this institution’s curricula is not an easy choice. Your encouragement, your understanding of the trade-offs both your child and you as a family are making is honorable. Your conviction might be tested from time to time, even doubted by some. If your child believes, all of us need to believe with him.

TO QATAR. Those of us honored with the possibility to contribute, in whatever small form, to the sports success of Qatar understand the significance of this responsibility. There is an overpowering effect for a nation that achieves sports victories. The world is a better place when nations come together through sport and societies progress and grow with pride when their own triumph on the field of play. Aspire athletes represent the future of Qatar, of its clubs, of its Federations, of its people. These athletes are working to honor you. If they believe, all of us must believe with them.

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