Aspire Academy’s Table Tennis program is one of the strongest youth development programs in the Arab World.

The comprehensive structure, training schedule and planned local and international competition exposure has allowed the Aspire Academy student-athletes to achieve notable performances within the GCC, Arab and Asian tournaments in which they compete.

Table Tennis program strategy:
  • Preparing student-athletes for the Qatar Table Tennis Federation
  • Representing Qatar Table Tennis Federation at the GCC, Arab, Asian and World Championships
  • Developing student-athletes to compete at selected international tournaments
  • Recruiting a new age cohort of players every year
  • Supporting the Education and Student Care programs in leadership, career management and life skills
  • Supporting graduate athletes who show potential as senior international players

Programs & Squads

The high-performance operational plan for the Aspire Academy Table Tennis team follows a detailed and structured strategic plan. The critical success factors are continuously monitored, reviewed and adjusted in accordance with all associated experts and involved in the program. The long term development plan for each student athlete encompasses the following criteria:

  • Physical
  • Specific Coordination
  • Tactical
  • Psychological
  • Behavioral

Table Tennis competencies are developed concurrently. However, particular priority and/or focus can be given to individual competencies at any time. Student-athletes selection process is based on nominations from the Qatar Table Tennis Federation as well as Aspire Academy’s Talent Identification Program.

The Table Tennis program has a detailed and structured operational plan that adheres to the Academy’s vision and mission. It consists of multiyear, annual, semester, weekly and daily plans for each individual athlete. These plans include relevant information from stakeholders, service teams as well as specific preparation for competitions. In addition, student-athletes within our Table Tennis program are categorized into Cadet and Junior with particular focus on training, competition, camps, testing and Table Tennis specific skills.

All facets of operational planning and long term development plans are reviewed annually together with stakeholders and service teams. Relevant changes are documented and implemented accordingly.

The National Team coaches of various Qatar Table Tennis Federation teams work closely with the Aspire Academy student athletes and coaches on a weekly basis. This experience and exposure is invaluable to the student athletes, the Table Tennis program and the future strength of Table Tennis in Qatar.

Competition strategy is integral to the program and prepares student-athletes for participation in a balanced competition program allowing students to learn and adapt to the tournament experience of varied intensity, strategy, multiple matches, recovery and interaction with fellow competitors building long-lasting relationships and friendships.

Tournaments include:

  • Local Tournaments, Qatar
  • GCC Tournaments
  • Arab Tournaments
  • Asian Tournaments
  • ITTF Tournaments
  • International Competitions


Peter Karlsson

Table Tennis Head Coach

The Aspire Academy Table Tennis Head Coach is Zlatko Novakovic.

The Croatian born Zlatko holds a degree in pedagogical development as well as a Table Tennis training certification from the Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Zagreb.

Coach Zlatko’s philosophy of “every young player has a certain potential. The duty of a sports coach is to help a student maximize their potential and reach their own goals” translates to his daily coaching style.

Zlatko has held Head coaching jobs at prestigious clubs and national federations all over Europe including; ‘Mladost’ in Zagreb, Director of the Croatian Olympic Table Tennis Center in Zagreb, ‘Sontheim-Heilbronn’ in the German Men’s Bundesliga, Bayreuth’ in the German Men’s Bundesliga, Ochsenhausen’ in the German Men’s Bundesliga, Head Coach of the Croatian Men’s National Team

Coach Zlatko has coached and trained athletes to no fewer than; 33 national titles of ex-Yugoslavia in team and individual competitions, winning the ETTU Cup (European Table Tennis Federation Cup) with two clubs, 4 bronze and 1 silver medal at the European Club Cup of Champions, qualifying for the European Club Champions League on two different occasions and trained players who won 26 medals at the Olympic Games, World and European Championships.


Aspire Representation in Qatar National Table Tennis Teams

Performance Objective
To develop Aspire Table Tennis players in order to represent the Qatar Table Tennis Association in National Teams.

Performance Measure

Measure of the percentage of Aspire Table Tennis players representing the Qatar Table Tennis Association in National teams.

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