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We work to achieve Aspire Academy’s vision through providing best services for the student-athletes during their stay in the dormitory, as they train and work on developing their personalities to be self-leaders and role leaders in their communities.

Overnight boarding at the Aspire Academy Dormitory provides an opportunity for student-athletes for adequate recovery and rest from rigorous training as well as additional learning opportunities and team building.

Boarding Expectations

Student-athletes in the 10, 11, 12 grade levels can expect to be required to spend additional time boarding during the week at Aspire Academy. During this scheduled boarding time student-athletes will have the opportunity for:

  • Additional study
  • Leadership and life skills classes
  • Career and university seminars

There are four primary reasons for requiring student-athletes to stay overnight at the Dormitory:

Increased Study Time
Aspire Academy challenges each student-athletes to pursue excellence in academics and sports. These dual challenges require a greater time commitment than a student-athlete who is only concerned about his studies. By eliminating the time it takes to travel to Aspire Academy and back home every day, the student-athlete is provided with 1-2 additional hours of study time. In addition, for student-athletes who need extra academic assistance, teacher-supervised extra evening study sessions are provided. Staying at Aspire Academy and studying at Aspire Academy’s Resource Area also provides a quiet and more productive learning environment than studying amid the numerous demands of family life at home. Thus, it is easier to concentrate on academic assignments.

Part of being a champion athlete is traveling out of the country to competitions and training camps, where a student-athlete must learn to rely on himself rather than his family. In addition, an important part of Aspire Academy’s student-life is learning to manage time – when to rest, when to study, when to train, when to eat and when there is a need to socialize with others and have fun. Staying overnight in the dormitory requires the student-athlete to determine for himself, under the watchful eyes of a professional staff, the best schedule to accomplish all assignments and personal needs.

When in the Dormitory, each student-athlete is responsible for following rules and regulations which require respect towards others, responsibility for personal property and all obligations, which include prayers.

Socialization with Others
Aspire Academy staff and student-athletes come from all over the world. Boarding or dormitory time provides the opportunity to learn about other cultures and to teach others about the culture of Qatar and the Islamic religion.

Why Boarding?

Aspire Academy encourages student-athletes to take advantage of this boarding opportunity because:

  • Boarding school students report spending 17 hours a week on homework, as opposed to 9 hours for private independent school day students and 8 hours for public school students.
  • Boarding school students spend considerably less time watching television—about 3 hours a week, compared to 7 hours for private independent day and public school students—a pattern that continues throughout life.

Boarding School students use their time more productively than private day and public school students:

  • Spend considerably less time watching television—about 3 hours a week, compared to 7 hours for private independent day and public school students—a pattern that continues throughout life.
  • 77 percent of boarding school students say that their schools provide opportunities for leadership, compared to 60 percent of private independent day and 52 percent of public school students.

Boarding school students are better prepared for university:

  • 87 percent of boarding school graduates report being very well prepared academically for college, compared to 71 percent of private independent day and 39 percent of public school alumni.
  • 50 percent of boarding school graduates earn advanced degrees, compared to 36 percent of private independent day and 21 percent of public school alumni.

Social Affairs

The role of the Social Affairs Team is central to the educational experience of Aspire Academy student-athletes. Our Social Affairs Specialists assist the school in providing the suitable academic atmosphere for the student-athletes to benefit from educational care and services.

The Social Affairs Specialist:

1. Carries out individual and collective guidance by:

  • Contacting the parents and conducting home visits for student-athletes that require a prior arrangement with the family.
  • Working with underperforming student-athletes, and organizing and following up with them through active cooperation between the school administration and parents.
  • Caring about the pedagogical and psychological cases and transferring those in need of specialized services to the specialized clinic.

2. Oversees the arrangements and preparations of parents’ consultation.

3. Oversees the formation of student-athletes’ councils and organization of their activities.

4. Organizes scientific visits and entertainment trips.

5. Serves as a bridge between Aspire Academy and student-athletes’ parents by all possible means.

6. Organizes the programs of individual and collective guidance and counseling to introduce the role of the Social Affairs Specialist and the scholastic rules and the importance of their incorporation in the activation of these rules.

7. Offers guidance and counseling in cases of misconduct. In addition, it registers these cases as well as clarifies the acceptable procedures.

Extracurricular Activities

Aspire Academy student-athletes are exposed to a unique program of extra-curricular activities that reflect firstly the Academy’s commitment to student-athlete’s development and secondly to produce well-rounded individuals through exposure to a broad range of education-based field trips.

Field Trips

At Aspire Academy, we believe that our student-athletes’ education experience extends beyond the classroom and the sporting field. Aspire Academy’s student-athletes regularly go on field trips as well as service-learning trips. These field trips, while fun, are a serious and vital part of the holistic education that Aspire Academy aims to provide.

The trips, which complement the learning that happens in the classroom, typically provide student-athletes with the opportunity to be involved in the larger community and the environment around them. Student-athletes learn about the real world, apply classroom knowledge learnt, as well as gain awareness of life beyond Aspire. Our field trips are also a platform for the larger community to know about Aspire Academy and its student-athletes.

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