The Strength & Conditioning unit of the Football Performance & Science department is responsible for the following activities:

  1. Preparation and Planning
    Designing specific team and individual Strength & Conditioning programs for all of our football squad age groups, in order to optimize each players’ physical development.

  2. Training and Testing
    Ensure that the implementation of our training programs meets the desired training goals, and follows the scientific principles of our Football Performance Method.

  3. Analysis and Feedback
    Prepare comprehensive reports and training guidelines for our coaches and players.

  4. Research
    Collaborate on applied research projects which contribute to improving the effectiveness of the training programs.

The Strength & Conditioning unit provides support to the Aspire football players’ development, through use of a modern Football Performance Methodology. The primary aim of the unit is to enhance the performance of our players and decrease the risk of injury of our players.

On a daily basis, we create and apply specific innovative training programs for use on the training pitch, gymnasium and swimming pool to optimise physical and cognitive football development of the players. We ensure that our players are well instructed in the correct techniques required to perform the training programs effectively and in a safe manner.

The training programs are designed to improve team and individual player performance, by the implementation of specific endurance, strength and speed training regimes. The programs are also designed to improve each player’s physical weaknesses and are specific to their playing position.

We strive to ensure that every player reaches their full physical potential at the cessation of their Aspire program, to ultimately prepare them to cope with the demands of international match play.

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