The Sports Department is responsible for the comprehensive athletic development of all Aspire Academy student athletes (except football). The primary objective of the Sports Department is to prepare young athletes for successful careers in their chosen sports, by focusing on their technical, tactical, physical, psychological and behavioral development. Success of the Aspire Sports Department is reflected in the placement of Aspire student athletes, past and present, on Qatar Senior National Teams.

A key influencing factor on a young athlete’s development potential is the provision of experienced, knowledgeable and state-of-the-art coaching. For this purpose, specialist youth coaches from the best sporting nations in the world are recruited to Aspire. At the Academy they find the resources, facility infrastructure, technology and specialist support necessary to maximizing the potential of the young athletes with whom they work.

Programs are structured around a comprehensive framework of long term athlete development, taking into account all aspects critical to maintaining a conducive high performance environment. Close attention is paid to the developmental, maturational and cultural components of nurturing Qatar’s young athletes. Training and competition is structured to be both challenging and enjoyable, and in balance with each athlete’s academic and family related schedules.

Throughout the year Aspire student athletes have the opportunity to participate in international competitions which involve overseas campaigns, locally run international events and visiting teams. The competition element of the Aspire programs focuses on continuing performance development, while at the same time allowing young athletes to experience and become accustomed to the challenges and demands of travel, performing in unfamiliar environments, weather conditions and adapting to different cultures.

The aim of the Sports Department is to nurture young athletes who, upon graduation are well trained, disciplined, knowledgeable and resourceful individuals, ready to take the next step to training and performing alongside their senior counterparts.

Recognizing the value of a well-structured, comprehensive and systematic methodology in athlete development, the Aspire Academy has extended its development pathway to include programs for young children, called Multi Sport Skill Development (boys and girls) and Football Skill Development Programs. Within these programs, highly experienced instructors and coaches provide opportunities for local children as young as six years of age, to experience a range of sport skills and activities, and become engaged in regular training programs designed to develop their overall athleticism, love for sport and ability to perform deliberate practice. As the children grow, develop and express an ability and desire to play a particular sport, they can begin to specialize. Along this pathway, the most talented and committed children can enter the Aspire Academy in their chosen sport and continue the journey to excellence.

For females the pathway is similar, but while we work towards establishing an Aspire Academy for girls, the respective Qatar Sport Federations and Clubs provide opportunities for specialization and further development. Impressive results are beginning to be achieved at local, regional and Asian levels by Qatar’s female athletes, reflecting the critical role played to date by the Aspire Academy.

While still a relatively young organization, the Aspire Academy has brought together many critical components necessary to developing successful athletes and exceptional young people.

Aspire Academy student-athletes are developed through comprehensive athlete portfolio management, whereby coaches, educators, support service, service providers and management personnel actively cooperate to achieve an integrated Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) program based on specific and measureable performance outcomes. The progressive development, duty-of-care and creation of a fun and interactive environment are core to these efforts.

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