Multi Skill Development

The MSSD programme at Aspire Academy has been designed to provide boys and girls (ages 5-14) the opportunity to learn and develop fundamental movement skills which will help them to improve their sporting performance and set them on the pathway to sporting success.

A professional coaching team delivers free coaching sessions at a number of venues across Qatar. Each child will attend at least two sessions per week, with many being invited to additional coaching sessions and activities. There is also a competition program, which offers the opportunity for young people to compare performance with those from other parts of the country.

The program is designed to supplement the physical education and sport delivery that young people receive in schools, and aims to escalate the acquisition of skills and techniques that can be applied across a range of different sports. In this program, it is important that participants do not specialize in individual sports until they are aged 13 or 14, so the MSSD experience is devoted to the acquisition of core skills, such as running, jumping, throwing and core attributes such as balance and coordination.

MSSD offers separate programmes for boys and girls, but each has the common objective of supporting young people to develop their skills and helping those with talent to achieve the highest possible levels of performance. Young people will progress through the various levels of provision that the programme offers, always with the objective of providing all young people with the maximum opportunity to succeed whilst ensuring that they are challenged and encouraged to become the best that they can be.

For the boys, participation with MSSD could result in an invitation to become a full-time student athlete at the Aspire Academy, where they will combine academic studies with a complete sports coaching and conditioning programme delivered by top-level coaches and practitioners.

For the girls, the MSSD programme has established strong relationships with a number of national sports federations to ensure that girls who show potential are guided into appropriate clubs and/or national development programmes.

The core ambition of MSSD and Aspire Academy is to help identify and support sports performers who could represent Qatar on the world stage and achieve international success. As such, access to the programme is prioritized for those young people who would be eligible to compete for Qatar.

For both boys and girls, MSSD offers a differentiated and progressive programme and provides opportunities for young people to develop the skills required for a range of specific sports, particularly those with which the Aspire Academy has a strong connection and/or relationship with the national federation.


Andrew Douglas

Talent Identification Program Coordinator

Richard Tremere

MSSD Supervisor Boys

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