Leadership Development Program

The program aims not only to make a difference in the student-athletes own lives but also the lives of others. Aimed at all year groups, it focuses on developing the skills of students to enable them to take a lead on issues in their community, socially and as they develop into sports champions. Through the holistic leadership program, student-athletes learn about important values of the Academy such as responsibility, discipline, respect, loyalty and team work.

Student-athletes will experience the importance of peer coaching, constructive criticism, collaboration (through internal camps) and multi-culturalism. It enables students to apply Life Skills and Leadership principles in a cross-cultural context. It also lays emphasis on the development of character and leadership qualities of a global citizen.

The Leadership Development Program also helps students to reach their full potential by giving them the opportunity to interact intensely within different Aspire departments and external partners executing specific solutions for sport-related case studies. LDP nurtures the understanding of global topics, social responsibility and aspects related to the World of Sports, e.g. Sports and Business, Sports and Media, Major Sports Events, Sports Federations, but is also addressing local issues in the region: Qatari and Gulf sport events, national organizations and federations and its work.

Furthermore, student-athletes will gain – in a very practical way - knowledge about social, physical and mental skills and their interdependence in combination with sports. LDP supports the establishment of a sports culture within the students but also outside the Academy by initiating various community services in and outside of Qatar.

Aspire Leadership Ten Rules of Success

1. Loyalty “Play your match as it is the last match in your life"

2. Evaluate yourself and others

3. Act responsibly

4. Develop ideas into reality

5. Emerge as a prominent future leader

6. Respect yourself, parents and others

7. Smile and believe in yourself

8. Healthy lifestyle

9. Be the Initiator

10. Be Pro-active

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