The football program of Aspire Academy is recognized as one of the strongest in the world in terms of detection and selection of talents as well as training, competition and evaluation of each adolescent player. The nurturing of players starts years before they reach the age to join the Academy as high school aged student-athletes. Aspire Academy has “Football Skills Development Centers” (FSDC) throughout Doha for boys between 6 and 11 years of age. From the age of 8 years the most promising boys are identified to join the “Aspire Feeder Groups” in which they are prepared to join the Academy. When players join the Academy at the age of 12, they enter the first of six generational football squads, beginning in the academic grade 7 and finishing at grade 12 by graduating high school and moving to senior football.

The training philosophy of the Academy is tailored to the capabilities, talents and goals of Qatar as a footballing nation and follows a strategy that is geared towards the development of the individual player, who should be able to know what the game demands in any given situation.

The program places each student-player at the center of coaching and sports science and the players are also supported by world-class facilities. At Aspire Academy they also receive the chance to develop in a competitive environment by playing against invited youth teams from leading clubs and academies across the globe in “Tri-Series” tournaments. Selected players also have the chance to gain additional experience of the professional football environment through short training placements with clubs in Europe while they are attending the Academy.

Technical Expertise

Edorta Murua

Technical Director


Jonatan Cabanelas

Coordinator Coaches – U13 to U19 generations

Inaki Ulloa Villalonga

Coordinator Goalkeeper Coaches

Arno Buitenweg

Coordinator Feeder Team Coaches

Diogo Gama

Coordinator FSDC Coaches

Scouting Area

The Scouting Department combines a team of international scouts and football analysts that are responsible for talent scouting, identifying and monitoring players in clubs throughout Qatar, which allows Aspire Academy to be closer to the reality of the level of players in Qatar throughout the season. The most promising talents in clubs may be invited to trial at Aspire and ultimately to join the Aspire Academy Football Program.

The activities of the scouting area are based on observation of the players in club competitions, Aspire competitions, as well as comparison/benchmark of data between our players, both individual and teams, with national and international players including the players that we compete against in tournaments.

Juan Luis Delgado

Coordinator Scouting

Jan Jap Schmaal

Coordinator Scouting

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