Distance Learning in Aspire … Why?

E-Learning, Distance Learning and Mobile Learning serve as facilitators to implement the educational strategies, foster new learning practices, be up-to-date with the latest technological advances and track the quality of the education progress in the world. In Aspire Academy, the Education and Students’ Care Directorate has taken many initiatives to implement many of these learning approaches. As an example, the Aspire Academy uses the Blackboard Collaborate Elluminate to deliver many lessons to its student-athletes outside the Academy locally or even outside Qatar. Distance Learning helps teachers to deliver courses on time, keep their students engaged to learn in parallel with their peers on-campus.

The Distance Learning also helps teachers to deliver make-up lessons at their students’ convenience and achieve the targeted objectives of Aspire, which reflects its responsive learning environment.

As for students, the applied Distance Learning technologies are user-friendly and easy to use, which increases the students’ interest and consequently their engagement. Using technology meets their needs as it is in harmony with the nature of this generation who are fascinated by technology and passionate about socialization.

Based on the specificity of the Aspire Academy’s business, student-athletes sometimes travel in order to participate in tournaments, championships and training camps, which makes it difficult for them to follow on-campus lessons. So, Distance Learning sessions have emerged as a mandatory alternative to keep the students committed to learning.

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