Career/University Networking

Our Career and University Networking Section’s objective is to work on assisting the student-athletes by identifying their potential career opportunities. In addition, it supports each student-athlete in order to qualify for joining a university, while promoting continuous sports development.

Moreover, the Career and University Networking serves as a resource for the greater Qatar sporting community in the area of advancing student-athletes’ career and higher education opportunities.

  • provides educational and professional counseling services
  • provides information about the local job market
  • establishes career resource center
  • follows up with students during and after graduation
  • administers interests, professional preferences and personality tests
  • provides support programs for the students
  • conducts individual and collective meetings with students
The Section’s responsibilities also include working on the intellectual and emotional development of the student-athletes within a career and a lifelong learning development plan, with the importance of working collaboratively with the parents and school staff.

Furthermore, the Section’s focus is to present an exceptional career and a further education and counseling program to the current Aspire Academy student-athletes, to Aspire Academy graduates (alumni) and to the community experts in the industry.

The Career and University Networking works with student-athletes, their parents or guardians, teachers and other related organizations such as the Qatar Foundation, Qatar University, local and international colleges and universities, together with other professional institutions.

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