Nutrition & Lifestyle

Nutrition Consultation

The ASPIRE ACTIVE Nutrition Services strives towards effectively providing professional guidance and counseling for individuals to lead healthier lives through a holistic approach to diet and exercise. Nutrition Consultations assure privacy through individual sessions and intimate educational support groups. The menu plans are designed on individual goals. We supply the knowledge, tools, motivation and support for you to achieve and maintain a healthier lifestyle whether from weight loss, lowering blood pressure, managing diabetes or simply adopting sound eating and exercise habits.

During your session, our expert Lifestyle and Nutrition instructor will:
Review personal medical history and lifestyle patterns. In select cases blood test may be advised prior to consultation, for optimal service delivery.

  • Determine goals and objectives
  • Examine current food choices and habits
  • Formulate and individualize meal plans that match needs and objectives
  • Educate on smart ways to “eat out” and maintain a healthy lifestyle balance
  • Address emotional food relationship
  • Answer frequently asked questions and debunk common food myths
  • Provide special ASPIRE ACTIVE food dairy to record daily food, snack and beverage consumption
Follow-up appointments are decided after the initial consultation. A suitable follow-up plan is drawn up in accordance with personal goals and targets.

Nutrition Support Group

This Group is a special weekly session with our ASPIRE ACTIVE Lifestyle instructor. Weekly topics are presented, informing on nutrition related information and positive lifestyle choices. Ask questions and share your experiences regarding food habits and nutrition issues under professional guidance and supervision.

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