Men's Fitness

Men’s Fitness Exercise Program

Absolute BALL Workout
This team workout incorporates futsal, football, basketball, volleyball etc. game components for that ultimate all round fitness challenge.

Using the Bosu stability trainer, this class blasts the participant into shape by challenging his muscular endurance, core strength, stability, balance and coordination. It is suitable for all fitness levels.

Boxing Fitness
This class is Ideal for those who want to learn the fundamentals of boxing without the actual ‘one on one’ contact. It includes boxing techniques focusing on correct posture, footwork and combination punching. Fitness levels will greatly improve whilst users learn how to punch from the floor to ceiling, train with a speed ball, heavy bags and focus mitts.

Cardio Workout
Tailored for the individual looking to increase fitness and burn fat fast, the Cardio workout is an ideal exercise to get the heart pumping and lungs working. A dedicated instructor guides through exercises such as rowing, running, skipping, cycling and boxing.

Core Workout
This class primarily targets abdominal and lower back areas. It is a great workout that shapes midsection and increase core strength.

Fat Loss Workout
This class is similar to Group Fitness, but is tailored to target those struggling with weight issues. If losing body fat is your goal, then this is the best session for you.

Group Fitness
This circuit-style class combines exercises such as boxing, skipping, push-ups, weights and spinning to provide the best possible all over body workout. For the individual looking for a fun training session that offers variety and fast results!

Outdoor Workout
A unique class involving a variety of own body weight exercises, participants jog, run and take part led by a trainer. It is a great way to enjoy the fresh air whilst burning fat and improving fitness.

Recovery is an ideal class to relax and stretch your muscles both before and after workouts. A dedicated instructor guides through developmental stretches and muscle relaxation techniques using bands, ropes and foam rollers.

Rowing is a low impact group fitness exercise class perfect for all ages and fitness levels. It is Ideal for those looking for a challenging workout that enhances cardiovascular fitness, decreases body fat and improves overall well-being using the Concept 2 Indoor Rowing Machine.

This high energy exercise activity uses an indoor stationary spinning bike in a group-class setting. The spinning routines to music are specifically designed to rapidly improve cardiovascular endurance and burn fat.

Strength Circuit
This is an ideal session to compliment the ‘Cardio Workout’ as it addresses the valuable strength component of fitness. An enjoyable circuit style session using bodyweight and resistance exercises.

Total Body Workout
This is a great overall workout that targets all the main muscles in the body. A dedicated trainer motivates the participants through exercises for legs, abdominal and upper body.

Styles such as Hatha and Ashtanga, focus on physical and emotional wellbeing. Develop a healthy body and clear mind through sequences of postures/poses.

Men’s Gym Program

Gym Session
The gym fitness classes cater to all fitness levels. The gymnasium is equipped with state-of-the-art weight and cardio machines and a wide selection of free weights. Members can use the gym at their own leisure, providing they have a prior knowledge of gym training. To ensure that all gym members -from the novice to advanced - are cared for, all gym sessions are supervised by the supervising member of staff to offer assistance and ensure that correct and safe exercise techniques are performed.

(Please note that the Gym Fitness program is an add-on and cannot be purchased separately).

Men’s Aquatics Program

Aquatic exercise is a great form of activity and its benefits are tremendous. As well as providing an excellent cardiovascular workout, the exercise has the potential to tone the entire body. The non-weight-bearing environment removes body weight pressure placed on the joints during engagement with water.

(Please note that swimming is an add-on and cannot be purchased separately. A compulsory swimming test must be completed before subscription to any aquatic course. Testing is evaluated individually whereby the instructor’s decision will be final).

Aqua Conditioning
In this session, optimal focus is placed on improving individual physical condition and fitness level in the non-weight-bearing water medium. A combination of conditioning and muscular strength exercises are employed to provide optimal all over body toning and cardiovascular workout.

Free Swim
The swimming pool area is open for the Aquatic Program members to swim laps at their own pace.

Swim Fit I
The sessions are designed to improve swimming competency and style, and carry a strong emphasis on developing water confidence and providing an understanding of water safety.

(Please note that subscription to this class is for an 8-week block.)

Swim Fit II
These sessions serve as a bridge from the beginner level to the more advanced SWIM FIT III offer. The sessions will improve strokes and increase cardiovascular fitness level.

(Please note that subscription to this class is for a specified period. This class follows on from Swim Fit I.)

Swim Fit III
This class is specially designed for members who incorporate swimming in their overall fitness regime. These sessions are adjusted to individual participants’ levels, targeting successive fitness improvement.

(Please note that subscription to this class is for a specified period.)

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