Health & Weight Management

A women-only program, ASPIRE ACTIVE’s Health and Weight Management offers women with conditions, such as healthy weight management concerns and obesity, the opportunity to enroll in class-leading fitness regimes to attain desired results. ASPIRE ACTIVE experts work in tandem with the enrollee to ensure that there is something to cater to the diverse needs and personal preferences.

All the activities take place at the ASPIRE ACTIVE Ladies Club, a venue designed exclusively for women (females over the age of 18 years) and teenage girls (from 12 to 17 years).

Health Exercise Classes & Education

Abs Express
A 15 minute express workout specifically targeting the abdominal muscles through different exercises on the floor and or machines.

Aero Interval / Circuit Workout
Cardiovascular workout combined with strength and conditioning exercises. An excellent total body workout.

Aqua Running
This class incorporates gentle aerobic exercise increasing cardiovascular expenditure and addressing daily aches and pains. The buoyant effect of water provides an optimum non-weight-bearing workout environment.

(Please note that Aqua Running in BEAUTYFULL is not an add-on. A compulsory swimming test must be completed before subscription to any aquatic course. Testing is evaluated individually whereby the instructor’s decision will be final).

Back Fitness
This class addresses the needs of individuals with pre-existing back pain issues. The focus of the class falls on posture awareness and correction, strengthening back muscles and complimentary supporting muscles to prevent re-occurring injuries.

Body Shape
This class is designed to tone, shape and strengthen all body parts. Through a variety of progressive resistance exercises with an array of equipment, the targeted muscles are defined without adding bulk to them.

Circuit Training / Aero Interval
An excellent total body workout, this class combines a short cardiovascular workout with strength and conditioning component.

Easy Line
The Easy Line collection is designed for people who want to lose weight and improve their health and physical condition. With 9 separate pieces of equipment, users create a unique 30-minute circuit training area offering cardio and strength training with a high rate of calorie expenditure.

Free Swim
Swimming pool area is open for aquatic program members including BEAUTYFULL members to swim laps at their own pace.

Flex & Strength
(Women Fitness Program)
This class focuses on two areas: The strengthening exercises focus predominantly on the back and abdominal muscles. The stretching exercises will help to develop muscle flexibility and reduce the stress caused by the day to day living in the shoulders, neck, back and hip areas.

Gym Workout
Workout on special weight machines supplementary with complimentary exercise, the focus is on improving one’s cardiovascular endurance and the strength of major muscle groups.

(Please note that this is not an add-on class in the BEAUTYFULL program.)

Interval Workout
Interval workout is used to improve performance by means of alternating high-intensity workout interval sections with low-intensity exercise blocks.

Interval Latin
Cardiovascular workout utilizing funky Latin movements (mambo, merengue, salsa and cha-cha-cha) in combination with strength and conditioning exercises. A fun and rhythmic total body workout experience

During a Kinesis class, participants alternate between 4 different Kinesis Wall Stations (α, β, γ, δ). These stations are accompanied by structured ‘free’ exercises to compliment the class theme and target. A superb body workout suitable for all levels, Kinesis functional training tones select muscle groups in combination with elevating the heart rate.
(Please note that a single session accommodates up to 8 members).

This ever popular class is designed to tone and shape the gluteals (bums), abdominals (tums) and leg muscles. The routine employs a variety of enjoyable and effective standing and floor-based exercises.

This special class focuses on a series of non-impact exercises designed to develop abdominal strength, flexibility, balance and improved postural alignment. Slow and controlled movements strengthen and lengthen muscles helping rebalance the body.

Walking (Power Walking)
Walking is regarded as one of the most popular and beneficial low impact forms of cardiovascular exercise. Classes feature variety of techniques and complimentary toning exercises that endorse the benefits of walking.

Throughout this class you will be guided by the instructor through a variety of techniques and complimentary toning exercise to gain maximum benefit from walking.

Classes feature styles of yoga such as Hatha and Ashtanga and concentrate on physical and emotional wellbeing contributing to a healthy body and a clear mind. Through a series of postures and poses focusing on correct breathing techniques; circulation, overall muscular strength, flexibility and postural alignment is awakened and achieved.

The Zumba program fuses Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves to create a one-of-a-kind fitness program that will blow you away. Rhythms included: Merengue, Salsa, Cumbia and Reggaeton

Nutrition Support Group

A special weekly session with our ASPIRE ACTIVE lifestyle instructor for BEAUTYFULL members. Weekly topics are presented, to inform on nutrition related information and how to create a positive lifestyle choices. Ask questions and share your experiences regarding food habits and nutrition issues under professional guidance and supervision.

Do not miss your nutrition session in our new "BeautyFull Room" on the 2nd floor.

Health Check / Body Composition Analysis

Performing regular health checks can help identify aspects of your lifestyle that may put you at risks for future health problems. The ASPIRE ACTIVE Health Check / Body Composition Analysis provides details as weight, body fat percentage, body mass index, body water, muscle mass, fat and fat-free mass.

Testing will be evaluated individually in the Medical Room. A re-assessment will be done after 3 months.


Please contact the ASPIRE ACTIVE (Ladies Club), Tel. 4413-6430 and 4413-6434 7:30am to 8:00PM (Sunday - Thursday) and from 8:00Am to 8:00PM (Saturday)
ASPIRE DOME Tel. 4413-6472 or 4413-6481 from 1:00PM to 10:00PM Saturday to Thursday

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