Children & Babies

Aspire Active strongly believes that physical activity is a learned behaviour beginning early in a child's life. Our fun children's movement programs and classes holistically facilitate the progressive development of fine motor skills inclusive of cognitive and emotional growth.

This balanced and varied approach helps develop fundamental motor skills required for later sports specific skill mastery. We aim to expose children's mothers to fundamental movement activities and vocabulary which can be actively engaged in at home. By enrolling children and infants into the programs, mothers gain an insight into how to foster and encourage a healthy and fun approach to movement activity away from the traditional realm of a structured and formalized classroom setting.

Maximize a child's movement potential through the development of basic skills, balance, co-ordination and timing

  • Promote cooperation and fair play
  • Provide creative experiences
  • Teach agility skills with our specially designed Adventure Obstacle Course
  • Select developmentally-appropriate activities
  • Contribute to fitness and general wellbeing
(Please note that age ranges are used as guidelines for initial class allocation. Teachers further assess individual developmental class levels to select the appropriate class level. Children may therefore be shifted to a younger or older age bracket for optimal development. Classes require active participation and accompaniment of the child's mother.)


Babies' Motor Learning Centre
Level 1: Toddling (6 month olds) and Level 2 (18 month olds)
Healthy and active babies have a desire to explore the world around them. By enhancing the connection between perception, cognition and motor activities through acoustic, visual and tactile stimulations ASPIRE ACTIVE supports the development of babies' first coordinated movements.

Classes feature a varied experience with the integration of rhythm instruments and sensory motor development activities that utilize exciting equipment for rolling, crawling and balancing.

The teachers gently and expertly guide mothers to discover the jobs of ‘first steps’ and ‘fun action’.

Mother and Toddler (1 ½ to under 3 year olds)
In a fun and non-competitive environment, a child is introduced to age appropriate introductory play, movement, adventure activities and discovering new challenges. The toddler is also introduced to our special agility course and equipment.

Through the active participation of each child's mother, the enrollee begins her/his journey towards mastering and establishing the individual fundamental movement profile.

Children: Girls & Boys

Under 4 ½ Year Olds
This class builds on the fundamental movement and agility skills taught in our ‘Mother and Toddler’ classes. Children are gradually introduced to learning and participating in their fun movement activities without the close presence of mother. Watch your child's confidence and overall movement skills soar in this class offering.

Minus and Plus 5 Year Olds
This class gradually introduces your child to more structured instructions and movement tasks to improve their coordination and basic motor skills. Elementary exercises and elementary games form the basis of the classes. Without mom actively participating, your child taught by our expert teachers will learn to independently master age appropriate movement challenges.

Schools and Kindergartens

Kindergarten (3 and 5 Year Olds)
This program is available to all Kindergartens, Schools and Educational services. Our activities help develop basic motor skills through the use of specific target movement activities, exciting equipment and our Adventure Obstacle Course to promote functional agility skills. This fun filled learning environment encourages total development of children's motor, social and cognitive skills. We aim to provide accompanying teachers with fresh new ideas on how they can ensure School Movement Education, a class for all to enjoy, learn from and gain confidence in.

Nutrition Education/Kindergartens
Interactive nutrition games for kindergarten children prior to the exercise session. Lasting for 20-30 minutes and depending on the exact age group, children are educated on what is a healthy lunchbox and introduced to the different food groups as well as healthy and non-healthy food. The nutrition education games are part of our healthy lifestyle education initiative to raise awareness on the importance of having healthy eating habits.

Pre and Post Natal

Pregnancy is the start of a fabulous journey. But it can also be one of the most demanding times of a woman's adult life. ASPIRE ACTIVE offers a range of classes and exercises through the different stages of the pregnancy - before, during and after - to help mothers along and to enable them to deal with the new challenge head-on.

Pre / Post Natal Exercise Classes and Education

Pre / Post Natal Fitness
This class is a combination of safe strength and light cardio vascular activity. It targets specific muscles to help improve posture and establish core stability. It assists with reducing stresses and strains associated with major changes during pregnancy.

Pre Natal Walking (Power Walking)
This class, when executed properly and regularly, is one of the most efficient forms of exercise. The weight bearing activity also helps strengthen bones and provides an overall workout for muscles. It remains a very popular and beneficial low impact cardiovascular exercise.

(Please note that this class is offered outdoors or indoors, depending on the weather.)

Pre / Post Natal Aqua
Water is a wonderful medium for pregnant women with its therapeutic and supportive qualities. The buoyant effect of water provides an optimum non-weight-bearing workout environment. All aqua exercises are designed to be safe and effective.

The class includes gentle aerobic exercise designed to alleviating those daily aches and pains. These exercises will also tone and strengthen the body. The course covers labor, pain relief during labor and birth, as well as breastfeeding and caring for oneself and the baby during the post natal period. It is recommended to attend these classes early on in the pregnancy as to get maximum benefit.

(Please note that Pre and Post Natal Aqua cannot be purchased separately. A compulsory swimming test must be completed before subscription to any aquatic course. Testing is evaluated individually whereby the instructor's decision will be final).

Pre / Post Natal Yoga
Practiced slowly and gently, Yoga postures relax and strengthen the body, helping one to adjust to many of the physical changes experienced during pregnancy. Focused breathing exercises additionally help one relax and prepare for a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

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